Creating a new channel to engage health care providers
Creating a new channel to engage health care providers
Creating a new channel to engage health care providers

UCB is a multinational biopharmaceutical company, founded in 1928, that focuses on improving the lives of people living with severe neurological and immunological conditions.  


2020 — 2023







Our Roles

Solution design

UX design


The Challenge

To develop an interactive platform for Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) that adds value, creates brand differentiation and captures ‘share of voice’ ahead of a major virtual pharma congress.

Our Approach

We have an ‘anything is possible’ attitude and began by reimagining the virtual congress experience to help UCB break new ground. Through a series of surveys and diagnostic questions we started defining and shaping the themes and topics that would benefit Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) the most. Partnering closely with UCB and its agencies we designed an experience that encouraged HCP participation, networking and conversations. Interface was developed to host live presentations, videos and podcasts, and users were able to easily engage with and share content through polls and social functions. By creating an interactive and content rich platform for HCPs, we ensured UCB would stand out from the crowd before, during and after the congress.

The Outcome

Interface delivered strong engagement during congress, valuable customer data, and set UCB apart. The platform provided a blueprint for digitally transforming HCP experiences and demonstrated the power of putting your customer first. Of the HCPs invited to the congress 40% engaged with Interface and 1000s of data points were captured through CRM integration, which are now helping tailor future HCP communications and interactions.




Data points captured


User satisfaction

Nicola Woodhouse

Director, Immunology Asset Head UCB

With any initiative where you’re breaking new ground, you need a partner that is innovative, that has technical capability and ultimately, who you trust to deliver. Throughout the process, the Journey team has proven itself in each of these areas – and have been a real pleasure to work with too”