Ground breaking fan engagement.
Ground breaking fan engagement.
Ground breaking fan engagement.

SIX60 has dominated the New Zealand music scene for a decade. In 2019, NZ's beloved band prepared for a record-breaking 50,000 fan stadium concert in Western Springs.

They approached us to create immersive digital experiences engaging fans and building momentum.









The Challenge

Engage fans through activations and campaigns in the lead-up to SIX60's most ambitious concert ever.

Our Approach

Creating an immersive digital experience was crucial — we wanted an app that would intrigue and excite fans, making them feel they unlocked something special. The bold, mysterious design amplified the exclusivity. Getting unique access codes drove engagement. Concertgoers scored cards granting them entry to the "All Access" app — their VIP pass to upcoming ticket pre-sales, fresh music drops, and behind-the-scenes glimpses most fans could only dream of. We created videos to guide fans to the app using their one-time codes. After the epic show, targeted push notifications reminded attendees to unlock the app if they hadn't yet — opening the door for more fans to get in on the access. Blending exclusivity with inclusive access was key. By integrating the app, videos, notifications and codes, we orchestrated a campaign making every fan feel part of SIX60 history — like they belonged to something legendary.

The Outcome

A social media campaign, a new e-commerce platform and an exclusive fan app called ‘All Access’ which had over 11,000 downloads, a first for any band in Australasia.


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