Streamlining Pharma logistics
Streamlining Pharma logistics
Streamlining Pharma logistics

ProPharma provides the critical link between life science companies and the New Zealand pharmacy network. They wanted to upgrade their digital logistics platform to make ordering more intuitive for staff and pharmacy customers. By working together to overhaul their portal, we helped ProPharma boost customer experience through a slick new interface optimised for Kiwi users.









The Challenge

ProPharma aimed to modernise their existing platform to make managing pharmaceutical orders easier and more engaging. To achieve this, they needed a redesigned UI aligned to their brand values that also improved access to inventory data.

Our Approach

We took a human-centred design approach focused on simplicity and self-service. First up, we had chats with key staff and pharmacy stakeholders to understand their perspectives. Next, we sketched out wireframes optimised for easy use based on those insights. Then, we styled up a modern interface to showcase ProPharma’s brand to Kiwi users. Additionally, we ensured the new portal seamlessly tapped into their existing data. Finally, we optimised the solution for mobile so customers could manage orders on the fly.

The Outcome

The redesigned platform significantly improved ProPharma's digital experience, boosting customer satisfaction. The user-friendly portal provides a solid base for future initiatives to engage pharmacy partners.