Designing the Digital Future of Golf
Designing the Digital Future of Golf
Designing the Digital Future of Golf

With over half a million Kiwis teeing up annually, golf is one of New Zealand's most beloved and iconic pastimes. But it's also a sport seeking revival. As the national body governing all play, Golf NZ manages and safeguards golf's future in Aotearoa. However, golf has traditionally been perceived as an elitist, exclusive sport, played primarily by a narrow demographic of wealthy white men.

Golf NZ aimed to shatter this perception and attract diverse future players to carry on the sport's legacy. But first, its brand and website needed refreshing.









Our Roles

Solution design


The Challenge

Create a brand, story, and digital experience to increase interest and participation in golf while safeguarding its future.

Our Approach

We dug into research across the fairways and greens, surveying Golf NZ's 180,000+ members to gain insights into player needs. Key finding: golfers simply wanted quick digital access to bookings, live scores, handicaps and courses. Armed with these user insights, we crafted a bold new brand wordmark and story conveying Golf NZ's vision to be more inclusive. Then we designed a mobile-first digital platform prototype purpose-built to optimize those key tasks for players.

The Outcome

The resulting mobile-first platform and refreshed brand set a new benchmark for Golf NZ. With its modern inclusivity and optimization of key player needs, Golf NZ now has tools to strengthen the sport's future - a best-in-class website and brand narrative that speak to all Kiwi golfers.




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