MedAire360 - Digital security for a new era of aviation
MedAire360 - Digital security for a new era of aviation
MedAire360 - Digital security for a new era of aviation

MedAire is the leading global provider of medical and security services to the aviation industry, supporting 150+ commercial airlines and private aviation operators. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic sparked mayhem in commercial aviation in early 2020, grounding airline fleets globally. As border restrictions gradually lifted, demand for private aviation travel surged to an all-time high. But increasingly complex country-by-country travel regulations posed a major challenge for MedAire's customers - flight operators managing a combined 15,000+ private jets globally.

These operators needed real-time data and insights to safely navigate volatile times and sustain business continuity for their discerning passengers.









Our Roles

Solution design

Product design

Web development

The Challenge

To design and build a real-time web platform that empowers aviation operators (commercial and private) and security managers to make better informed safety decisions based on live data. The platform must bring together around 20k+ data points including security threats and safety insights in one easy-to-use platform which saves the user time.

Our Approach

Our squad of problem-solvers were unfazed by the vast amounts of rapidly-changing information which needed pulling together and set about turn this crucial data into a beautiful, data rich and an easy to use platform. Extensive customer journey mapping and user testing helped us to create a highly-visual design for MedAire360. By identifying flight planners were the ones who needed ultimate control we designed the platform using a dark theme to cut down on glare - making the colour-coded threats and security alerts for different parts of the globe easier to see.

The Outcome

One of the world’s most comprehensive aviation security platforms. MedAire360 users now have at their fingertips a dashboard of intelligence which helps them understand airspace risks and safety threats like never before. In an industry first, we successfully integrated around 20k data points showing aircraft in flight, risk regions, and AI-driven incident alerts.


Contextualized data points


Private jets being served

Jodi Ash

General Manager, Americas and Products at MedAire

The intuitive design and ease of use allow our clients to absorb the content and make timely decisions from a health and security standpoint”