Helping the world's airlines mitigate security risks
Helping the world's airlines mitigate security risks
Helping the world's airlines mitigate security risks

As the leading trade association for the world's airlines, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is committed to supporting safe, secure, and sustainable air travel. By partnering to transform their security intelligence capabilities, we helped IATA consolidate vast amounts of risk data into accessible insights for member airlines. This first-of-its-kind solution has enhanced aviation safety worldwide.






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The Challenge

IATA wanted to improve both the quality and dissemination of security data to help airlines address risks and keep crews/passengers safe. Manual, outdated methods of sharing intelligence made it difficult for airlines to efficiently interpret threats. IATA sought to modernize their approach by centralizing data sources and delivering real-time, actionable information to members.

Our Approach

We designed the ‘SRIP’ — a first of its kind in the industry. Complex data, information and trends are presented in easily accessible dashboards. Data is dynamic, updating based on the latest information shared by airlines and airports. This information is augmented by open source data in the form of government guidelines, notices and media reports. Global, regional and country views are available, with users able to look at specific airports and airspaces.

The Outcome

This first-of-its-kind portal has made it easier and more accurate for airlines to interpret and mitigate against all forms of security risk. The timing of SRIP was essential too: an invaluable resource that has helped IATA members to safely navigate the pandemic.


Monitored regions


Airports actively monitored and connected


Data sources consolidated into SRIP

Matthew Vaughan

Director of Aviation Security, IATA

MedAire has delivered innovative solutions to airlines for more than 30 years, and their partnership with Journey in the development of the SRIP is the latest example of their contributions to aviation safety.”