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Have you thought about how to engage your customers this Rugby World cup?

We are very proud to announce the launch of our new tipping platform, Pick and Go, the sports engagement platform designed for marketers.

After 10 years of working with top sporting codes and sponsors in New Zealand, Australia and the UK, Journey has refined and developed a platform that businesses can use to engage their customers through sporting competitions.

“Businesses are looking for ways to engage their audience without selling to them all the time” says our Managing Director Dane Tatana. “Consumers are looking for entertainment and value, the brands that provide that will be engaged with, the ones that don’t will miss out, especially during the Rugby World Cup.”

The ‘white-label’ platform enables brands to invite their customers to play a tipping and trivia game each week of the Rugby World Cup. Each round players choose their winners, the more accurate the predictions the more points they earn, as players earn more points they can climb up the ladder and win prizes.

Achievements and activity are then rewarded with badges and trophies to keep players engaged and excited for the next round.

Some key features of the platform are:

-       Designed for B2C or B2B engagement

-       Weekly Video Trivia

-       RWC 2019 Tipping 

-       Competition News Feed Provided

-       Facebook Integration

-       Spotify Integration

This is a versatile product that can be branded for any company using any sports game.

Across the platform there are a suite of banner spaces to promote your products. You can use this product to learn about your customers, you even have the option to add more insight to your marketing by using the ‘Round Unlock’ feature, each round player has to answer a preference question to unlock the round. This gains valuable insights from your audience to help shape your next campaign.

Have you been thinking about how to engage your customers this Rugby World cup? Get in touch today dane@journey-digital.com to see how we can help!

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